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Collection: A Brush with Joy

From the watercolour world of Suzanne Desjardins, experience nature, life, and the world through her unique and joyful worldview. Rediscover the world around you and the quiet and beauty of rain or snow...these art pieces are impossible to overlook!

Suzanne took up painting following her retirement, to capture the world around and within her. Surrounded by a family that loves her and living in her own magical forest dwelling, Suzanne's art is now widely available, for the first time ever! 

Join us in getting lost in these near yet distant vistas, and find your own stories reflected in her vision. 



  • 12 beautiful handcrafted and collectable cards with breathtaking art (you'll get one a month)
  • The ability to write a personal message on each card
  • Shipping is included! (Only to Canada and the United States.)
  • You'll remind someone that you're thinking of them, every single month.
  • If you're buying for someone else, you'll still get to see the art!  We'll send you the details via email, so you get to enjoy the journey, too.
  • Each card is just around $6 (full price) and includes postage. Even better, we'll take care of the details for you!

We've released three pieces so that you can get an idea of the art you or your loved one will be receiving. Each painting will be accompanied by a reflection from the artist. The rest of the pieces are a surprise for our subscribers only! 

Are you buying this line for someone else and you're sad you won't get to see all of the art pieces? Don't worry. We'll make sure you're not left out. Expect monthly e-updates from us (we like to think of it as e-pixie dust).

Select a line below, fill in our form, and let the joy begin!

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