Collection: Beyond the Rainbow

"We've managed to cross the shimmering door leading beyond the rainbow, and have found splendours our hearts are still struggling to understand. I've never seen such beauty. And now I want everyone to see it."  - From Liz's Field Notes

About Beyond the Rainbow

Some of our writers and artists were so excited to capture unique landscapes for our card lines that they ventured far beyond known realms, and into the lands located beyond the rainbow. 

From mail correspondence received since, we know that their electronic devices, including their very high-tech (and expensive) cameras, stopped working as soon as they crossed over.

Thank goodness they had a gifted artist with them, to send back sketches of the wonders they discovered!

The explorers are still having fun discovering magic and beauty, but we received enough field notes and sketches to release a line based on what they've discovered beyond the rainbow! 



  • 12 beautiful handcrafted and collectable cards with original designs and field notes (you'll get one a month)
  • The ability to write a personal message on each card
  • Shipping is included! (Only to Canada and the United States.)
  • You'll remind someone that you're thinking of them, every single month.
  • If you're buying for someone else, you'll still get to see the art!  We'll send you the details via email, so you get to enjoy the journey, too. We like to think of it as e-pixie dust.
  • Each card is just around $6 (that's at full price) and includes postage. And we'll take care of the details for you!


We've released three pieces so that you can get an idea of the art you or your loved one will be receiving. Each drawing will be accompanied by field notes from the expedition, describing what they've seen and experienced. The rest of the pieces are a surprise for our subscribers only! 

Select a line below, fill in our form, and let the magic begin!

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