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Far beneath rainbow clouds and surrounded by shimmering lakes and tall, sugar-coated mountains, lies Bonbon Valley, where the Candy Kids live.

Full of energy and ideas (some good, some bad), meet the first twelve Candy Kids and join them for sugar-laden adventures across their magical valley!



  • 12 beautiful handcrafted and collectable cards with original designs and stories on each Candy Kid (you'll get one a month)
  • The ability to write a personal message on each card
  • Shipping is included! (Only to Canada and the United States.)
  • You'll remind someone that you're thinking of them, every single month.
  • Each card is just around $6 (full price) and includes postage. Even better, we'll take care of the details for you!

We've released three pieces so that you can get an idea of the art you or your loved one will be receiving. Each drawing will be accompanied by an adventure or story, which we've included here, too! The rest of the pieces are a surprise for our subscribers only! 

The cards won't look quite like this - this is just us showing off our ability to use frames. But they'll still feature the story and art!

 Select a line below, fill in our form, and let the magic begin!

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