Collection: The Adorables

From the portfolio of The Great Blob, meet the adorables he's found straying across the universe, now available for adoption by Earthlings for the very first time! 

Each month, you or your loved one will receive an adorable with your special message (which you'll mark down when you subscribe). Keep an eye on your mailbox! 

The Great Blob was so excited that he's putting up 12 aliens and 12 monsters for adoption!  Our staff has done its best to split them into two lines, and are very proud to introduce: 

Adorable Aliens and Adorable Monsters

From the folds of stars and deep planetary pockets, to jungle shadows and abandoned mansions, these adorables are perfect for any household.  Playful, cuddly, and barely radioactive (plus, most don't even bite!), meet the first adorables available for adoption from The Great Blob! 



  • 12 beautiful handcrafted and collectable cards with original designs and stories on each Adorable (you'll get one a month)
  • The ability to write a personal message on each card
  • Shipping is included! (Only to Canada and the United States.)
  • You'll remind someone that you're thinking of them, every single month.
  • Each card is just around $6 (full price) and includes postage. Even better, we'll take care of the details for you!

We won't spoil every card design here. We love a good surprise and hope you do, too!  But, we know you need to make informed decisions, so we're releasing three aliens and three monsters here. The cards won't look quite like this - these are just the adoption ads. Rest assured that each card will include an original alien or monster (including the three here!), and some details on each adopted critter. 

Thank you for making all the difference in the lives of these twelve abandoned aliens! <3 

Please note that each line is sold separately and features only monsters or aliens. Choose wisely. Or don't choose at all and get both! The power is yours.

Select a line below, fill in our form, and let the magic begin!

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