Collection: Wednesday Afternoon

In this quirky line, we ask the great questions in life, such as: how did dinosaurs deal with dieting? And do lightbulbs like each other, or are they more solitary? Why is the coffee cup in this collection's logo so self-satisfied? (Well, that one is pretty obvious.)

Detailed drawings answer all of these pressing questions. There is no link between the cards, save that they're quirky, and odd. Each month, you'll be surprised by something completely different, and more than likely cute. Because we like cute.

Join us on Wednesday Afternoon and discover the greatest, deepest truths of life.



  • 12 beautiful handcrafted and collectable cards with original designs and stories (you'll get one a month)
  • The ability to write a personal message on each card
  • Shipping is included! (Only to Canada and the United States.)
  • You'll remind someone that you're thinking of them, every single month.
  • Each card is just around $6 (that's at full price) and includes postage. And we'll take care of the details for you!

We've released three pieces so that you can get an idea of the art you or your loved one will be receiving. The rest of the pieces are a surprise for our subscribers only! 

Select a line below, fill in our form, and let the quirkiness begin!

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