How does Wishstamp Work?

Each subscription is good for one year, so each month your recipient will receive a card. You can add a customized message on each card, too.

Can I change my messages after I submit my order?

Once we've received your order, we'll start building all twelve cards right away, to make sure no card is left behind. So at this time we don't have the ability to change the messages later on.

What if my recipient moves?

If your recipient needs an address change, let us know ASAP and we'll re-address all remaining cards. Give us at least 30 days notice, just to be safe.

Will my subscription start right away?

If you buy before the 15th of each month, the first card will arrive during the next month. So, if you buy on February 13th, the first card will be received in March. If you buy February 16th, it'll arrive in April.

If I start a subscription in March, will I get the same #1 card as people who started in January?

It depends. Part of the magic of Wishstamp is that each line is different.  Some lines have cards that are associated with specific months (so you'll get the same April card as everyone else), while others tell a story and are sent out in a specific order.  Either way, each subscription will receive 12 cards, one for each month of the subscription year.

Is shipping included?

Yes!  Everything is included in the price.  No surprises!  After shipping, you pay (at regular price!), just over 5$ per card. That's cheaper than most greeting cards!

Do you ship outside of Canada and the USA?

To facilitate pricing (shipping is included in our prices), we're currently only shipping to these two countries. But we'll look at expanding later on!  Let us know via our contact form where you'd like us to ship!

Can I just buy one card?

At Wishstamp, we sell a year of experience, not just one card. You have to buy for the whole year to get the full line of cards, which will only be revealed as you receive them.

Can I split the subscription for several people?

At this time, we only offer single recipient subscriptions. The lines are best experienced as a whole set!

Will I get my mail on the same day of each month?

Sit down, dear one, and let us discuss the magic of the postal system. Some days, it is fast, and something sent yesterday will arrive today. Other days, for undoubtedly magical reasons, it may take two weeks for the same piece of mail to reach you. We will ship the cards within three business days of the beginning of each month, but we cannot guarantee when it'll arrive. 

Did the guy in your video starve to death on his island of loneliness? Why didn't anyone ship him food? And how did the mail find him, anyway?

Those are all excellent questions, and we're glad to see you care. You are all logical human beings with pointed questions, and we are impressed. Very impressed. ...we'll get back to you on those details. Yes.