Why Wishstamp?

Because getting something in the mail still makes us smile.

Because you can never remind someone too often that they’re loved. But life gets busy and even sending a card a month can prove overwhelming (we’ve got your back).

Because simplicity still matters. it’s small but meaningful and will inspire or amuse. In a culture of so very much stuff, it’s nice to send something from the heart. Simple, beautiful, effective.

Because we don’t always have the time to go to the post office to pick something up. This will make it into your mailbox, every time.

Because email isn’t the same. We can’t hold it, or put it on our walls. It’s not as good as a hug (what is?), but it’s the next best thing!

Because the small touches matter. Wishstamp cards are built with love and care, and every detail matters.

Whether you want to send your grandkids a funny alien every month, of your BFF with the tough job an office cat to make them smile, or your mom a beautiful watercolour painting, Wishstamp makes it easy for you to remind them they’re special, and mean a lot to you. Every single month.

We’re an artist and a writing team, and we want to bring a unique flavour to our cards. Not for eating, but for fun! Quirky stories, different original art, we’ve started seven lines with your enjoyment in mind!